Tailwheel Endorsement & Training

The Interstate Cadet is a multi-purpose trainer. It is a certified Light Sport aircraft used for the Sport Pilot certificate, is available for the Tailwheel training endorsement and can be used toward a Private Pilot certificate. When used for the Private pilot training, you would then fly either the C150 or the C172 for some of the requirements that the Interstate does not have, such as electrical (lights) for the night requirements, and the multiple instruments for the required three hours instrument training.

There is no time requirement for the Tailwheel Endorsement. It is left to the instructor to decide when he or she feels the pilot-in-training is proficient, safe and confident in this airplane. We usually begin with some air work to get a feel for the airplane and then it is a lot of time learning and practicing a variety of take offs and landings. Typically, we find it takes between four and ten hours to obtain the endorsement. We suggest a couple of books to read before beginning or during your lessons. It is not required to fly solo for the endorsement.

There are different requirements for the Sport Pilot certificate. You will solo this airplane for your required solo flight time and your cross country flight time. Renter’s Insurance is required to solo this airplane and we will discuss that with you, if this is your goal.

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