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Flight and Ground Instruction rate is $55/hour

Jeanne Wildman


I started my flight training in 2009. After 3 busy years of obtaining multiple flight ratings (private, commercial, instrument, multi-engine) I obtained my Flight instructor rating in 2012. That same year, I started Jeanne’s Flying Service (JFS). I wanted to give back to the General Aviation community and to all those who helped me accomplish what I so enjoy, the thrill of flight!

See you on the flight line!!

Lee Borchers


As a teenager I could not afford flight lessons, so took up skydiving to be around airplanes. In 1969 at the age of 22, I became a private pilot as a hobby. I later added an instrument rating, commercial ASEL and AMEL certificates. In 1991 I earned the CFI certificate. Within a few years I added the CFII, MEI, ATP-ME, commercial glider and ASES.

The opportunity to become a contract corporate pilot came when I was in my early fifties. I added a LR-JET type rating and GIV-SIC type rating. Somewhere along the way I became a DPE for about nine years.

After 50+ years as a pilot, I continue to teach others to fly and occasionally reposition airplanes for people within the US.

Michael Short


I earned my Private Pilot rating in 1991 in Flagstaff, AZ. Most of my early flying was done in the mountains of the Four Corners region of Arizona and Colorado.

I have been a Flight Instructor since 2016 and enjoy sharing my passion for aviation with my students.

Logan Seitz


A few years ago I was working as a ranch manager in Central Oregon when a close friend asked me to go fly with him in his Cessna 172. He had just earned his PPL and it would be my first time in a single engine plane. I remember feeling the vibrations of the engine, and seeing the views from that high wing aircraft. I knew immediately that a career change was going to happen.

Less than three months later, I quit my job and moved to Nashville TN, to pursue flight training. There I went through an accelerated program where I earned my CFI, CFII, and MEI certificates. After completing my flight training, I moved back to Oregon, the place I call home. I am currently building hours flight instructing with the ultimate goal of being an airline pilot in the future. I look forward to meeting new students and helping them achieve their aviation goals as well.

Scott Harvey


As a child, my Dad worked for the Port of Seattle, we would go to Seattle International Airport and watch the planes take off and land. Even as a child, I knew aviation would be a part of my life.

In 1994, I received my Private Pilot License and CFI in 1996. This allowed me to combine two passions, flying and teaching. In 1997, I was a partner in a flight school and FBO at the Astoria airport. My ratings are ASEL, AMEL instrument airplane, Commercial Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor.

Come explore flying, It could just become your passion also.

Learn to Fly!

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